Ch 1 : Tura


The Queen in a sweet dream.

It’s like I woke up from a nightmare in another one.  A deep dark forest with just a shadow of light above me, and in four corners, beasts of such beauty that it was scary. In that quiet moment a whisper could be heard just beyond the creatures of an unknown name. One creature moved slowly, as to not scare a baby animal in the wild. It was moving towards me floating, not walking on the ground, but still the movements of the legs were so obvious. With a soft voice resonating in my mind it said “Please accept us and command us as it is your will”. Then all of them kneeled down still looking at me, waiting for a response. Strangely I calmed down and decided to try and talk with it. But still confused and agitated I didn’t dare to move. I asked “How should I call you”. The creature cracked a soft smile and said “I have a lot of names, but the one that you want to call me will be my true name”. You know it was kind of a funny answer, so I laughed and called him UNI, as it was as beautiful as an Unicorn.

This was the beginning of my life in this strange yet nice nightmare.imagesw

Uni again broke the silence, he told me that I was called because their Queen has fallen. When I asked more about it I didn’t get any answer, as they didn’t have any. The thing is that as soon as I named them, a link was formed that allowed me to know if they are true to their words. By the way UNI is the silver one, like a Unicorn, REI is the red one, name coming from the color itself, and he looks like a tiger. RIO is the blue one, the color blue is my favorite one, and it has affiliation with a dragon, he looked like one as well. And we have MIDORI, the green one. Mainly because the name has the significance of green. And his shape was, sorry couldn’t tell, it was too far.

As any would suspect already, they are the avatars of the four entities that hold the everything of a leaving planet. Also known as the children of TURA , the planets name. They are the bridge between Tura and Its Queen. It was a first time in the planet’s history that all four of its children were sent to greed the New Queen. Why? I’ll be told later.
I was still pretty shaken, I couldn’t really stomach everything yet. I asked for some time to think and to sink in everything known and unknown.

Rio approached me slowly and asked if I’m not cold in this dark, chilly forest. At that point I finally started to realized that I was already cold as ice. A small nod of my had, and a quiet “Yes” confirmed that. With a swift but gentle brush of its hand, or better said paw, a cute mantel has appeared in front of me. As he was covering me, the warmth of it reached my whole body and I fell in a deep sleep, thinking it would be grate for this sweet nightmare to continue.

Well, my wish was granted. The next time that I opened my eyes the room was not my bedroom full of junk. In the corner, next to the window I could see a human figure. The interesting thing is that I recognized him strait away, even if he looked like a normal human being, there is non as beautiful as them. Midori was the one in the room. I asked were I am. Without changing his expression he answered in a monotone voice, that after I fell asleep I was brought to this inn as the forest had no condition to house me, yet. The “Yet” is kind of intriguing, but I didn’t say anything. Then he continued with the same calm voice that he will wait downstairs, and I should come as soon as I get ready.

I was finally all alone, and had some time to chew all that is happening to me. Well it didn’t really help me much, because i don’t know anything. Except for one thing, I’m the Queen of this world and there is something that I have to do. Now what?! The Guardians will have to tell me.

I stepped out from the room. At the end of the hallway I saw another silhouette. Dressed in a gorgeous blue dress and silver hair, the best combination ever. I recognized him, it’s Uni. As I was shortening the distance, Uni extended his hand with a smile. Being mesmerized by him, i took his hand without realizing it. I had the feeling that my hand was embraced by a fluffy cloud, if you can imagine one.Uni

For a couple of seconds I was staring at him, then his expression changed in a wandering one and asked if everything is OK.  At that question I was thinking how can it be OK in this sweet nightmare. But I answered with a nod of my head and we walked down the stairs to the others.

As I was taking the last step, I saw five people at the table talking. Two of them I recognized strait away, but the others were unfamiliar to me. You can call it intuition but I could tell that the Lady was the Inns keeper, the other two gentleman’s were too well dress to be from the Inn. When they spotted me, they stood up, bowed and greeted me with the most polite speech ever. It sounded funny for me. Midori broke the silence by saying:  “Rio went to inform all the Kingdoms that The Queen is back. He’ll make all the arrangements. In the mean time we will be staying and training in a Mansion owned by Lord GRAHAM”. With a light move of his hand, pointing to one of the Gentleman. You could see that he was a proud, strict type of person, but still he was aware that he is in the presence of very important beings. So he was a little sweaty from emotions.

“Hello Lord Graham, thank you for you hospitality, I hope we won’t inconvenience you with our stay.”

At the sound of my words, his face went in a deep red and as if shouting of excitement he answered “It will be my biggest wish to have Your Highness in my domain”. Midori whispered something to him and he bowed again, then left the room. Rei started to laugh in a loud voice as soon as the Lord left. The noise relaxed me a bit. Uni guided me to my seat, in the mean time Midori was lecturing Rei, as he was impolite because the Lord was not that fare away.

Watching that made me think that they looked so human, and without knowing it the word “human” was voiced out. Rei turned to me and said “We can manifest a body. In order to be seen by human. Only beings with powerful magic can see our true form”. I laughed again because I kind of guessed that. I was just thinking that their character is very human like.

Uni sat down next to me and said “We should start the explanation before going to the mansion”.

The story was long, but to make it short my purpose was to maintain an equilibrium on Tura. This word is a magical one, it has all the fantasy that I heard and read about. I would say even more. To be the chosen Queen, the soul has to be a powerful one. Meaning that the soul should be in existence at least thousands of years. And mine sure was powerful, also I was told that my magic is on the highest level. So I have all the necessary points to be a Queen. Rei added that he’s happy that the New Queen has a strong character as well. This comment made me feel good. The duties need that, because during the absence of the Queen a lot of Kingdoms destroyed the peace and are engaged in wars full of bloodshed. The Queen represents the Low itself, and without it there is no low. The task before me is harsh, I still need to learn a lot about My planet and its residents.

kjhgfd  The road to Lord Graham’s mansion was short and pleasant. When I stepped out of the carriage, I was truly amazed. There was no mansion in front of me, but a real castle. I understand the concept of magic, and what it can do, but his was way over it. It was grand and massive, and big, and huge. That I couldn’t avoid staring at it. It had the medieval feeling to it combined with magic and a modern touch. It was just fabulous. Rio saw my face and asked “How did you imagine it? This is still nothing, you’ll see the big city’s. I wanna see your face then My Queen.” and smiled.

At the main entrance Lord Graham was waiting accompanied by two man. Again they bowed and greeted politely. After a brief introduction I was led to the main room.

I forgot to tell you that on our way to the mansion, Midori asked me to not speak much until I know more about the people of Tura and the customs. The same day Lord Graham left with his aids. After that Midori gave me a very enjoyable news. For the next couple of months my hellish lectures are starting. Ye sure, for whom is this joy, and for whom this is a true nightmare.

                                                                             “I don’t like studying”

Ch 2 : The Road to My Home

So the hellish lessons continued. 

I had teachers from different Kingdoms, they were teaching me knowledge about their people and so on. My Guardians were teaching me Magic. Better to say, how to control and manifest the powers that I already have. Also they were the ones that told me all there is to know about Tura and more details about my role as it’s Queen.

Half a year has passed and Midori informed me that we are moving. I asked were as I just got used with this place. “To our home” he answered with a soft smile. The words passing through my ears were like a gentle pat on my heart. With a place that I can call home I finally feel that for real I live in this world. A type of satisfaction that only the knowledge of home can provide. So we depart in one month, when my lessons end.

For your information I was known as a spoiled Young Lady from a rich family that finally decided to study about the world. I didn’t had a name, I couldn’t remember it. We are waiting for Rio, because I want the Guardians to decide on a name that I can be called. So I was addressed as “My Lady” or “Young Lady” by everybody that didn’t know who I am. It was fun, like in the stories of ancient time.

I said farewell to my teachers and the people that helped us. And we started our journey to OUR HOME.

bvThe road is long as I still can’t do the magic needed to reach our home fast. Rio is the one that has to teach me that. He is waiting us there, it seams that he was the one that did all the preparation for my “Official Coronation”, that the kingdoms call it.

On our way we crossed four kingdoms. I was still introduced as a Young Lady from a prominent family. A couple of time we encountered bandits on the road. But Rei took care of them. It seems that he enjoys using his human shape for hand to had combat. It was beautiful, like he was dancing. If you have ever seen a battle show in Musicals or Ballet. I really admire his way of doing things. I’m thinking of asking him to teach me how to fight as well.

Through all the Kingdoms and Lands there is one that it’s called “The heart of Tura”, the home of The Queen of Tura. There beast and humans leave together. The ones that can’t find their place anywhere are gathered there. Three Kingdoms are surrounding the Land. The “SAINT Kingdom”, the “OM Kingdom” and the most powerful and feared kingdom “MAO Kingdom”.

Midori decided that we will pass through the Mao Kingdom as I need to get my self a horse. Hearing that made my eyes sparkle like stars in the deep night. “I love horses” I shouted full of excitement. For the first time I saw all three of them loathing hard. Not a smile or a happy face, but a real, noise loath.

We were finally at the border of Mao kingdom. At the big big gate I could see a lot of human-beasts, beast and creature so different and interesting. My eyes were wandering around, some were so beautiful, some were so hideous. As soon as we passed the gate Midori opened the carriage door and asked if I would like to walk and see the Border City better.

Man, so many exiting things happened today, I was overjoyed. The walk was the best, I learned a lot of things about this land that can’t be learned from books or teachers. We finally reached the end of the city. I was told to get back to the carriage until we get to the Inn we’ll be staying in.

790_maxThe Inn was in the middle of nowhere. If you look closely it’s not even near the main road. If you don’t know about it or the road to it, you’ll miss it for sure. It looked so ordinary but at the same time it gives me a very mysterious feeling. Stepping inside Uni was next to me, Midori in front and Rei behind me. I felt it strange because they usually leave me to lead the way or they are next to me. So this was no coincidence. At the front desk, the human-beast looked surprised and called a name. In seconds from the second floor a women in rage was coming down.

“You selfish being. I haven’t heard from you for centuries. Now you walk in like nothing happened”. Shouting she was going towards Rei, Midori stopped her as she was too close to me. She then stepped away a little bit and called out to Rei. You could read from Rei’s face that this situation was very uncomfortable for him. Uni stepped in and asked Rei to deal with it as the we were going to the reception to take some rooms.

Rei approached the women and with a soft voice asked her to follow him outside. In the meantime we went up to our rooms. Midori took the whole last floor. I was really intrigued why he did this, actually all of them were acting  strange. I asked whats happening. Uni offered me a seat, Midori went to check the other rooms. Then Uni explained that the biggest threats to The Queen are the extremely powerful magicians and mystic beings. My own powers are just starting to form, I still don’t have full control over them so I’m vulnerable now. That’s why it’s very dangerous, so they have to be on alert always. So I asked why we don’t just pass by? At that point Rei came back. “We are here to find you a horse. One that will be yours for life and you can entrust your life to it” said Rei. He came back with the woman, she was in a really bad mood. But mine went up one hundred. The joy came back and I was asking different question like were, when and how I’ll find the horse. She shouted, interrupting me “I cant believe this is real, how? why? You are more than just a being”. We were surprised, Midori pops in confused, he looks around then asks what’s happening. Rei points at the women. “Ms. Reege, a old friend of mine that can’t believe that I’m serving our Lady” and smiled softly. Midori sighed and as if ignoring her presence told me that my room is ready and I can go and rest. Ms Reege looked very offended but didn’t say a word. Uni escorted me to the room next door, but I could still hear them. Midori was lecturing Rei again, and this time the women was included in the lecture as well. Midori was very mad.

“I do not care that she is your old friend. The point is that she is a creature, and with considerate powers. You know that she’s not to approach the Lady”. Yep Midori is mad, you could hear it in his voice. Uni followed with a question after a short pause. “Is the Ms planing to stick with us? Then she will have to be very careful with our Lady. I will not accept inappropriate behavior with her”. Uni was also mad, it was the first time I heard the soft and kind Uni talk this way. So aggressive. It seams that after that, Uni and Midori left the room because I could hear only Rei and Ms Reege.

“I’m sorry if I gave you trouble. It seems your companions hate me and are very protective with the Young Lady.”

“So am I, it’s just that I know you and your way of talking. Don’t worry no damage taken. Midori is just to straitlaced and Uni is overprotective. My Lady is really grate and easygoing. You’ll like her.”

“It’s not about liking her or not. It’s YOU. The one that never had a Master, now this young girls is your Master. Why? What happened? What made you? I just don’t understand. I can’t accept. The you that refused everyone that approached you offering the world and all the riches is now answering to a human girl. ”

“I can’t tell you the reason why we serve her, but I can tell you that she is a very important being and a really powerful one. She needs us and she’s very dear to us all. Also I advise you to be on her good side.”  After, they talked a little more about old times and so on. At one point I fell asleep.

I woke up at the knocking sound on the door. Uni helped me get ready, and we went down for breakfast. Midori gave me grate news. Rio is coming to meat us here, at the Inn. Midori mentioned something about some change of plans. Also we’re staying here until I get my horse. A huge herd of horses are not far away, we’ll go there to look for my horse. Rei told me that it won’t be easy as the horses from this region are extremely proud, magical and intelligent beings and hard to tame. My excitement reached the peak, so I wanted to go now. But again, Midori said that I have to learn some more about them so I have to wait. Then I remembered what Rei said about Midori and I thought it’s so so true.

Finally the half boring lesson ended, it’s evening already. We got in the carriage and went strait to the place were the greatest horses in the world are. On our arrival some of the horses ran away from us, others were aggressive. I took my time and approached some of them. I asked how do I find “The One” for me. I was told that at that point I will feel the link between us as with the guardians.

It was so fun. I petted some of them, others I couldn’t approach at all. In the end in that night I couldn’t find My One. We went back to the Inn, I wasn’t in my best mood. As we arrived Ms Reege invited us to have diner together. She still had this face of non believer. O well, what could I do, I couldn’t tell her who I am and who they are so she will have to accept it at one point. At the diner table they were talking about something, I wasn’t paying attention as I was thinking about My One/The One horse. But then I heard her saying something about a forest, a very special, very beautiful and magical one.

“Were is it? Is it far? If not can we go and see it?” that many questions came out from my mouth.

“Sure, we’ll make a detour if that will cheer you up” an answer that’s to be expected from Uni, I thought to my self.

My excitement came back and I was in a good mood again, really like a kid. Now I was paying attention to what they were talking. And I understood that Rei is a very well known being around here. And from time to time he would disappear in thin air. Also I found out the hierarchy in this land. The being that lived the longest are the most powerful ones and are called “Nobles”, the high rank ones. And my guardians were the top of the cake. Nice.

Finally the morning of tomorrow. When Uni knocked on my door I was already awake and ready to go. “You cant wait to see the forest, right?” smiling, Uni asked me. I smiled back and just nodded. We had a quick meal and left for the forest. Ms Reege came with us to show us the road, as she justified it.

We were getting closer and closer to the forest, I could feel it. imageswSomething was puling me to the forest. Arriving to the edge of the forest I saw some silhouettes observing us from the forest. Before going in Ms Reege told us that the forest it self has a conscience. If it doesn’t like you or feels that you want to harm it or the beings in the forest, it will make you lose your way or not let you enter at all. I was looking if there was a trail to go in, and when I voiced the question the forest moved. And when I say moved, it literally moved. In mater of seconds the trees and bushed made a trail going in.

“It seems that The Forest welcomes you in and provides you a simple way in.” amazed said Ms Reege. “It’s my first time seeing The Forest doing this. Your Young Lady is really something special. When will i get the details?!”

To that question, with a grumpy face, Midori answered “When we will see it convenient”. And we walked in.

It was as beautiful as I was imagining. As we were walking by the trees, it felt like the leafs were trying to cares us softly. The animal, small and big were coming to greed us and show us the way. Some of them would talk with the guardians, a true magical forest. A creature spoke to me, it told me that we shouldn’t go towards the lake as there is a very powerful being that guards the place, making it its own territory. Strange that when Midori heard that, he insisted on going there. He, the most careful one not to put me in danger, actually wanted to go to a dangerous place. At one point all the animals left us, the trees were silent, you could hear only the silence of the lake ahead of us. Then on the other side of the lake I saw the forest in the wildest way that a forest can be. No leafs or life there. We went around the lake, as we came near that deserted place, from the dark shadows a being that took your breath away on the spot appeared before us.

Black_horse_by_ViefiurkaThe guardians surrounded me in a split second, Ms Reege froze there, terrified. Me, I couldn’t take my eyes from it. I was so mesmerized with its deadly beauty. Like a lightning struck me dead on. I took a step forward, Rei tried to stop me, but I could not hear him or see him. All I could see or think was Him, the being in front of me. I wanted to be close to it, to touch it, to talk with it. I wanted Him, so bad that I saw no reason at all.

Midori made way for me to go, and whispered that if anything happens they will be here for me. I took another step. He, the being stopped and was pointing his red shining eyes at me. My heart was beating so fast that it would pup out of my chest at any point. But it was not because I was afraid or terrified. It was something else. Like your first meting with the one that is to be your Lover, your most Treasured One. I took another step, then another, and again another. Finally I was face to face with him. Oh my God, he was so beautiful I could cry. Black as the night with the moon shining on his body, eyes red as blood. His silky mane dancing in the soft wind. I extended my hand, I want to touch it. So bad that my palm was inching. But I stopped myself, I don’t what to scare him or make him aggressive. I waited a couple of minutes with my hand in the air, almost to his head. He finally moved, he touched his nose to my hand. Then Midori, Rei and Uni flinched as they didn’t know what could happen. Ms Reege was still staring petrified of him. I slowly moved my hand from the nose up to his cheeks then down on his neck and my fingers went through his mane. It was as smooth as I imagined it. I could feel his heart beating as fast as mine.

“I finally found you, you are my One and Only.” as soon as I said those words on his forehead a sign appeared. I didn’t see it then as I was to preoccupied on looking and touching him. But I did hear Uni telling me to give him a name to finish the link. I didn’t think much because another name can’t match him better that NURO. “I finally found you Nuro”. At my words he put his head over my shoulder as in giving me a hug. Then he leaned down on his front legs so I could mount him. I didn’t hesitate at all. As soon as I was on him I felt that the whole world is mine. I calmed down a little bit and I saw how Rei was trying to talk to Ms Reege; Uni and Midori were enjoying my moment. Then without me telling Nuro anything, he leaned down again and came down. I was amazed because I was just thinking that I want do get down. “Is Nuro able to read my mind?” I asked Uni. “Not only that” he answered. “He is a very powerful being, I can tell. I will teach you some things that he can do with your help. But you can communicate as well. It’s just you have to find out how with his help. Give it some time.” Uni’s words were like honey. It made me eager to learn more about Nuro and myself.

Ms Reege finally came to her senses. So we saw the forest and I found My One. We are ready to go back to the Inn. Midori did not let me saddle Nuro. We need more practice, better said I need more practice. So we came back in the carriage with Nuro walking next to us. When we arrived at the Inn, Rio was waiting in the lobby. As soon as I saw him I started telling what a wonderful day today is.

“Only in a nightmare the most terrifying being is the most beautiful and dear to you.”